Robert in the Great State of Michigan

The beginning of an american adventure !

It all started when i got home from a birthday party and my parents just asked me if I would like to go in the U.S for one year. I didn’t know how to react to that question and I just started to scream, because I was really happy to hear that !
The decision was made that I was going, all I had to get was a few things such as: a family and a visa. I thought that I was going to leave at the end of July, but no family chose me yet (I was really inpatient). I had to wait until the end of August, but it was worth it. My mom called me one morning, I answered the phone and she told me only one word: “Michigan”. My happiness was limitless, I waited for this for a long time and it finally happened. One week after we found out, I went to get the visa. After one more week I flew to the U.S. The plane trip was long and tiring, although it had its good moments too, such as meeting other exchange students. Finally I arrived with my host family, “The Tessmer’s”! It was late at night and I was tired, so i just wanted to get home and sleep. But the mood of the family was fun and happy, so even though i was sleepy I still enjoyed it. My family is really kind, nice, fun, funny, and cool. I’m doing a lot of activities everyday such as: fishing, sports, fourwheeling, and going to the movies. I can’t wait to start school! I am a little bit nervous but that is normal. I will practice football after school everyday. I just want to meet new friends and “live the American dream”.

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