Robert in the Great State of Michigan

1st month in the U.S.

Hello again ! In this post I am going to write about my experience from the first month in the U.S.


I don’t even know with what should I start… In the first few days , my host brother and sister showed me the sights, This place is very beautiful , it is right in the middle of nature. There are lot a of trees and the lake is in the backyard , it is amazing.

Everything was awesome until the school started. My first day of school was terrible , because I didn’t knew where to go , which class , and so on. things are pretty hard when they are different. After a few days everything became normal , I am not nervous , almost everybody in the school is my friend and my English us getting better every single day.

The teachers actually jump on the tables to get your attention, I know it is so awesome , I thought that happens only in movies ! The education system is very different , it is much better , and  much easier I can say. My algebra teacher is very funny , he is the one that is jumping on tables.

After school , I have football practice. I LOVE THIS SPORT ! You have to be smart , you have to know the strategies , and the most important off all : you have to hit !  I am the kicker and I really enjoy it , sometimes I play in the defense too , that is where I have to be angry. We had a few games , unfortunately we lost all of them ,  but we are keeping our heads up and try to win some of our games !

My relationship with my host family is really good , Kerri is just like my mom from Romania , I am laughing a lot with Thomas. Tom , my dad is working almost every single day and I can’t talk to him very much , but in the weekends we talk about everything that happened in that specific week.

I think that is it for this month… It’s amazing ! I’ll write another post next month , bye ! :)

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