Robert in the Great State of Michigan

Another great month !

Hello again ! In this post I will talk about my experience in the second moth. I think I should start writing about my family first. As I told you in the other post there is no big difference between them and my actual family. We had a few minor conflicts but we got through them , there is no problem , conflicts are inevitable right ? But also they are really kind ; I like the children a lot , we are playing every time I am home and I have time. Shortly , I am just starting to feel like they are my family now.

The school. I think I am fully adapted now. I made my friends , the teachers are awesome and I do great at my classes. Small problems at the U.S. History class , but I’ll study harder because it is very interesting actually !

The football season is over and now we have two weeks break until the basketball season starts. We already had a meeting with the coaches and they told us that we have to be in shape because it is going to be hard ! I am not that good at basketball , that’s why I want to practice ; this sport is amazing , just as football.

It’s getting pretty cold here 30 F (-1 C). And Cassie , my host sister tells me that is just getting colder and colder. I don’t really like cold weather , but I guess I’ll just have to get used to it… My English improves everyday , I can tell , because whenever I talk to my parents or friends from home I’m speaking in English and I don’t even realize that. I am very happy that my English is getting better , that’s my goal actually.

Halloween was awesome ! We carved pumpkins and it was really fun , the house was decorated beautifully. Now I am just getting fat because we have a lot of candies (Braxton and Mallory were trick or treating and they got A LOT of candies). At school , the children dressed up and we had parade ; they were so cute with their costumes !

I almost forgot ! We had a funny thing at school with the seniors. Anybody could buy one senior for a day , and they had to do whatever they were told to from there masters. My master was a sophomore , Tommy Rivers. He made me do a lot of things : feed him , carry him on the hallways , dance with him etc. It was really funny day , I was pretty tired after it though.


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